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7 Secret Settings to Boost Your Windows Reserved Storage Efficiency After Virus Removal

I don’t understand the registry well, but I do understand PostgreSQL fairly well. On top of that; performance issues, applications misbehaving due to registry issues… Granted everyting got better with XP, but the problems continued. Well, in my 8 years as tech-support I dealt with at least ten machines (about 100 wintel machines at that place) that wouldn’t boot due to corrupted registry hives or errors in the registry itself. Actually a speed+size comparison of registry vs. gconf may be worth the effort. he does not have to suggest any, he has implemented a library to edit it and as such has learnt probably more than he wanted about the registry.

Types Of Information In The Registry

How many games over time have only come out on the sega, on a nintendo, on an xbox, singularly. As well, one could say it’s a testament to how easily people can be duped into buying such a system that they believe is the best if not only option. You pratically have to buy barebones just to get a PC without windows, unless you want to go the Mac route, which is expensive. Furthermore, windows often preloaded, so buyers are led to believe that a system will just work, as-is, and require no real maintenance. After reading the entirety of this article all I could think is that the author really was clutching at straws when trying to knock windows.

Trying to msvcr71.dll write a compatible ext2+ reader/writer is fairly easy–I count at least 3 for Windows last I checked. Improved productivity and lower support/training costs because the system was actually designed to be used, rather than merely to be sold. I think that qualifies as “operations over time,” don’t you? And, since most Windows use occurs, and problems are detected in, corporate environments, we’re necessarily talking about a “large-scale environment” relative to individual home usees.

The continuing existence of the Registry fails on both counts. Once, as far as I can tell, simply by installing a Blu-Ray burner. I deal with it by using ERUNT to make regular registry backups and keeping a Ubuntu Live USB drive handy. I also image my system and application drives every year or so. Yes, C structs are written directly to disk and read directly from disk, and are thus machine specific (although each type must define textual in/out and optionally a binary send/recv pair that are not machine specific).

How Is The Registry Structured?

  • They are abbreviated to a three- or four-letter short name starting with "HK" (e.g. HKCU and HKLM).
  • Their names can be modified by the administrator of the computer, and such modifications do not bring any damage to the system.
  • If a name is modified, it may result in a failure or malfunctions of Windows.
  • Hives are generally named by their Windows definitions, which all begin "HKEY".

It sounded like the hyperbole of someone who already knew their conclusions before investigating the evidence. Infact it felt analogous to reading a revised article about the technical failings of a maseratti written by someone whose only experience of them is when they drive past him at 200mph. Even well known, well published, successful and respected Windows Hackers agree with this Linux Hacker’s article. Trying to write a compatible registry reader/writer is very difficult.

I’m not saying the registry is an amazing thing, because it’s not… just that it works well enough in the hands of a techie who understands everything they are doing on the system. Furthermore the popularity of windows is a testament to marketing. Note the tendency of computer game publishers to target windows. It is an effective business scheme on the part of Microsoft to purchase exclusive rights from a game publisher.

\ControlSet001\Control\CriticalDeviceDatabase\pci#ven_1af4&dev_1001&subsys_ which are crying out to be implemented as indexed columns in a real database. Ditto, will ignore file entries which contain various sorts of invalid field.

Your file will now work for anyone who double clicks it. These Registry concepts I have covered are merely the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to share with us your feedback about this article.

Understanding Registry Entries

All versions of Windows tested will simply ignore blocks which are not aligned correctly. once the key value name is created, click on it so that you can change the value to whatever is required. Open an existing .Reg or create a blank document using a text editor such as Notepad.